KONE: Get more value out of every square meter with built-in connectivity


In an increasingly connected world, people expect more from the spaces where they live and work. Smart solutions based on connected digital technologies not only help buildings attract a premium price, they also help to speed up the sales or leasing process.


Connectivity enables services such as integrating elevator status data with the building’s management system for effortless and more holistic monitoring and troubleshooting, or allowing people to make elevator calls using their smartphones or via other devices such as in-home intercoms.

KONE MonoSpace DX utilizes the KONE digital platform and secure APIs to connect elevators with a whole new suite of solutions and services that make life easier and more convenient for users.

Take advantage of digital solutions continuously developed by KONE to improve people flow like KONE Residential Flow for improved accessibility and people flow, to make everyday life easier for residents and KONE 24/7 Connected Services for peace of mind throughout the elevator life cycle.

With KONE APIs you also have the freedom to develop your own smart building solutions, allowing you to further customize the elevator experience to meet the needs of your building and its users.

You can also benefit from solutions and services developed by the growing number of partners of the KONE Partner Ecosystem, which develop solutions that can be integrated with KONE DX class elevators.

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…citeste articolul integral in Revista Constructiilor nr. 176 – decembrie 2020, pag. 39

…citeste articolul integral in Revista Constructiilor nr. 169 – mai 2020, pag. 5


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